ZLR BETRIEBSIMPERIUM not only specializes on making jewellery.
We actively promote research, cultural exchange, and an interdisciplinary approach to the wearable art medium. Our vision is to connect different art media, such as jewellery, sculpture, installation, performance and participatory art.

For more details, visit the websites of our past exhibition projects >> MYTHS and >> INITIATION.

ZLR BETRIEBSIMPERIUM organizes curated exhibition projects and workshops for international artists and designers. With our base in Athens/Greece, we offer residency opportunities in Athens + Arcadia which combine travel, work and guided visits to the most significant cultural places important for professional artists and jewellery makers.
Our workshops and residencies are linked to special group shows at international art events, such as Sieraad Jewellery Art Fair Amsterdam, Munich Jewellery Week or during Documenta 14 in Athens 2017.

Our offers address professional artists, designers, photographers, filmmakers, performers and writers who have a vital interest in deepening their individual art practice and seek inspiration in the concepts, philosophy and creative impact of the Greek culture - ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary.

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